Faast: The best iOS7 real time content reader has arrived

Faast is a iOS7 optimized application for your iOS devices. It instantly delivers push notifications from RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Emails. It also includes a simple API.

Faast has the best reading experience, and allows you to share what you read with selected friends.

Faast is a Free application on the Appstore with a 2 weeks free trial period. Once your free trial is over, you can apply for any of available the plan.

We care about our users, those plans are not auto-renewable, so you don't have to worry about it. However you can purchase them multiple times to extend them.


Beautiful on all iOS devices

Faast is optimized for both your iPhone, and your iPad. It also synchronize seamlessly between all your devices. All Plans include unlimited devices.

The Book Club: Share to your friends

You can privately share items you like with your friends, and discuss it like you would do with iMessage.

See it as a Book Club. You tell your friends what you liked reading, and they give you feedback. There is many usage to this, like sharing subjects you follow to your coworkers, or friends.

We synchronize with your content hub

Faast synchronizes with Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler and you can import OPML files from URLs or Dropbox. You can also simply add RSS feeds one by one, if you wish to not use online services. Export your current RSS Feeds to Dropbox at any time, if you wanted to stop using Faast.

Faast supports RSS feeds, Twitter, Email, Facebook. You won't have to use anything except Faast. We also provide an API for free.



$ 1.99 /month

API Access

Friends Notifications

2 Sources

Email Support


$ 4.99 /month

API Access

Friends Notifications

10 Sources

Email Support



$ 9.99 /month

API Access

Friends Notifications

Unlimited Sources

Email Support

Note: You can install Faast for free on the AppStore with a 2 weeks Free Trial