Feed import

We support Feedly, Feedbin, FeedWrangler and even direct OPML through Dropbox or specific URL. We also export OPML through Dropbox so you can always walk out with your feeds.

iOS7 optimized

This app started fresh with iOS7, and includes all its latest technology like background fetching. You won't have to wait to read anymore.

We support dynamic font size, background data fetching, and full flat design.

The Book Club

The Book Club is when women gather once a month on a Friday, to talk about books they read. We implemented just that with our Social feature.

Connect with your friends, and share and receive articles within the app. Talk and discuss about them with multiple friends at once.

Pro Sounds

We care about details and hired the best guy around for sounds. Those profesionnaly engineered sounds do make a difference every time you'll receive a push. They have been specifically crafted for this app, using analog synthetizers.

Read Later

Would rather like to read your articles later? We support Instapaper, Readability, Pocket and bookmark services like Pinboard, Delicious as well as Evernote. We also support the ReadLater feature of Safari.

All those are a single tap away, and you can also choose to do it automatically when you favorite an item.

Realtime Updates

While RSS feeds is a poll technology, we do our best to minize latency between updates. We even support PuSH technology like PubSubHubBub, and about 30% of our total feeds come real-time.

Twitter comes instantly as we connect to the Twitter sitesteams. We have REST fallback if Twitter instant streams are down, this way you won't miss anything.


We've always been enclined to do our best to support VoiceOver users, and we're proud to say they love it. This review says “pleasantly surprised to find that this appears to be fully accessible and is fairly straightforward to use with VoiceOver.”


We have specific features like receiving push for Twitter lists, or for keywords. Be alerted everytime someone mentions your brand, instantly reply to them.

You can also use Twitter lists, be pushed everytime someone you love Tweets, instantly.


We do all ourselves, and don't use middle men like Urban Airship. From the RSS fetching, to the PubSubHubBub deliveries, and the Push Notifications deliveries, it is all done in-house.

We optimize everything for speed delivery, and keep improving evey piece of our plateform all year long. We control the full stack, this way we're the best for fixing issues.

Complete UI Control

You can set the app the way you like, and how much content you display for each item.